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Dear Herman,


Thank you for posting the link to the article about the epigraphist Venkayya.


The author of the article talks about the interaction of U. V. S seeking help from Venkayya regarding Mūvarulā. There is another interesting situation that highlights the interaction between the two scholars. 


The first literary reference to the Bāṇas occurs in the Tamil Buddhist epic Maṇimēkalai, albeit indirectly. The Cōḻa queen is referred to as the daughter of the descendant of Māhābali (19.54). UVS did not know who was being referred to as belonging to the lineage of Bali. He asked Venkayya. Venkayya gave him information about the Bānas available at that time (ca. 1898) which UVS has included in his commentary for the line in the first edition of the Maṇimēkalai in 1898. At that time Venkayya had not dated the early Bāṇa kings. Finally, Venkayya published an article in EI volume XI entitled, ‘Five Bana Inscriptions at Gudimallam’ (pp. 222-240) in 1911-12. In this article, Venkayya mentions the Maṇimēkalai on p. 233. Although Venkayya has given dates for some of the Bāṇa kings in his article, UVS never updated the information in his subsequent editions. I had wondered why till I read the article. Venkayya passed away in 1912, not very long after his article was published. Probably, UVS had no opportunity to interact with him and update the information. He probably never read the EI article.





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Dear list members,

Those interested in the life and work of the epigraphist Rai Bahadur V. Venkayya may find an article about him in Bhavan's Journal by his biographer, and great granddaugher,  Dr. Sunitha Madhavan in the link below.






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