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Kiyotaka Yoshimizu tautatita at gmail.com
Sat Nov 27 07:44:27 UTC 2021

Dear Members,

Here I am pleased to forward the news from the Tibetan research group of 
the Toyo Bunko (Oriental Library, Tokyo) led by Chizuko Yoshimizu about 
the outcome of their project.

Best regards
Kiyotaka Yoshimizu

Dear colleagues,

this brings the news from the Toyo Bunko (Oriental Library), Tokyo, 
which I post via my husband's account. I am YOSHIMIZU Chizuko, Professor 
of Tibetan and Buddhist Studies, University of Tsukuba. The Tibetan 
research group of the Toyo Bunko led by myself launched the project to 
digitize the Manuscript Kanjur brought by KAWAGUCHI Ekai and preserved 
at the Toyo Bunko. It is our great pleasure to announce the publication 
of the images of the six volumes of dKon brtsegs (Ratnakūṭa) section 
with introductions, catalogue, and references in collaboration with 
Prof. Jonathan Silk of Leiden University, Prof. Helmut Tauscher, Dr. 
Markus Viehbeck, and Dr. Bruno Lainé of the University of Vienna.

The database is directly accessible at the site:

or at the Toyo Bunko repository, Tibetan Digital Library, where some 
e-Texts of indigenous Tibetan works and previous publications of Tibetan 
studies are also available:

We look forward to your visit.

With best regards

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