[INDOLOGY] 6th India Studies Webinar by Dr. Srinivas Reddy, Nov 30, on Indian Classical Music

Professor Pankaj Jain पंकज जैन, Ph.D. pankajaindia at gmail.com
Tue Nov 23 02:31:15 UTC 2021

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PFB, the registration link for the next India Studies Webinar by Dr.
Srinivas Reddy, Nov 30, 7 pm IST, on Indian Classical Music:

Speaker: Dr. Srinivas Reddy
Guest Professor of South and Southeast Asian Studies at IIT Gandhinagar
<http://www.iitgn.ac.in/faculty/humanities/srinivas.htm> in Gujarat, India,
and Visiting Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and Contemplative
Studies <http://www.contemplativestudies.org/> at Brown University
*Indian Music Theory Through The Ages*

Indian music theory has a long, complex, and fascinating history. This
presentation will take a broad look at various historical moments
which have been pivotal in the evolution of both Hindustani and Carnatic
musical practice. Beginning with the *Nāṭya-śāstra* and the
*Saṅgīta-ratnākara *as foundational texts of a pan-Indic music theory, we
will explore not only musical theory per se, but also how musical practice
is informed by Indian philosophies of sonic vibration, mathematical
precision, aesthetic pleasure, and ultimate salvation. Lastly, we will
discuss the rise of new traditions of music theory that arose in the
twentieth century as responses to colonialism, modernity, and secularism.

Thanks and regards,
Pankaj Jain, Ph.D., पंकज जैन
Head, Department of Humanities & Languages
Chair, The India Centre
Professor, Philosophy & Religious Studies
FLAME University
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