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It gives me great pleasure to inform you of the first two books 
published under the “First Books” initiative of the Rocher Foundation. 
They are:

(1) Sonam Kachru, /Other Lives. Mind and World in Indian Buddhism/, 
Columbia University Press, 2021. 

(2) Samuel Wright, /A Time of Novelty: Logic, Emotion, and Intellectual 
Life in Early India, 1500-1700 CE/., Oxford University Press, 2021. 

I want to alert young scholars once again to this great initiative, 
which hopefully will facilitate the publication of first books.

Patrick Olivelle

*The Ludo and Rosane Rocher Foundation has created a program that 
provides subventions for the publication of "first books" by young 
scholars in the field of classical Indology. The scholars are expected 
to submit a CV, a book title, summary, and table of contents to the 
Foundation, with a list of potential publishers. These should be 
academic presses: either US university presses or the US offices of 
foreign academic presses, such as Oxford University Press. Upon 
preliminary approval, the author will send the full manuscript for 
review. The manuscript should be in publishable form, that is, one that 
the author sends to a publisher, in most cases a thoroughly revised 
dissertation. Once a book has been approved by the Foundation, it will 
provide a subvention of $ 5000 to the press that undertakes to publish 
it. It will be the responsibility of the author to find a suitable 
press. The published book must carry on the Copyright page the 
acknowledgment: “Published with the support of The Ludo and Rosane 
Rocher Foundation.” This program is intended to support young scholars 
in the early years of their postdoctoral academic life. *

Submissions should be addressed to the Foundation’s General Editor, 
Prof. J. Patrick Olivelle jpo at austin.utexas.edu

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