[INDOLOGY] Brahmāṇḍapurāṇa edition

Toke Knudsen Toke.Knudsen at oneonta.edu
Fri Mar 26 15:04:20 UTC 2021

Hi all,

Would anyone happen to have a PDF version of the following edition of the Brahmāṇḍapurāṇa?

The  Brahmāṇḍa Mahāpurāṇa with English Introduction, Verse-Index and Textual Correction
Editor: K. V. Sharma
Varanasi: Krishnadas Academy, 2000 (reprint)

A PDF of another edition would work as well.

Alternatively, if anyone has access to the physical book of the above edition, I’m merely looking for a couple of page references.

Many thanks in advance.

Best wishes,

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