[INDOLOGY] Sanskrit Library spring (Rāmāyaṇa, R̥gveda, Āyurveda) and summer courses (Pali, Intensive Sanskrit, Kāraka)

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Wed Mar 3 10:56:47 UTC 2021

The Sanskrit Library would like to announce its new courses to be offered this spring and summer

Spring courses
Traditional Indian health maintenance: essential Āyurvedic practice through its sources.
Schedule: 10 April–12 June 2021.
The retelling of Rāma's story in Sanskrit literature.
Schedule: 11 April–13 June 2021.

Summer courses
Introduction to the R̥gveda.
Schedule: 10 July–11 September 2021.
Pali Reading Workshop: Milindapañha “The Questions of King Milinda”.
21 June–26 August 2021.
Introductory Sanskrit I and II (Summer intensive).
Schedule: 7 June – 15 July 2021, and 19 July – 19 August.
Siddhāntakaumudī Vibhaktyarthaprakaraṇa.
8 June–20 August 2021.

Please see our current course page <https://www.sanskritlibrary.org/coursesnow.html> (sanskritlibrary.org/coursesnow.html <https://www.sanskritlibrary.org/coursesnow.html>) for descriptions, faculty, syllabi, and registration.


Peter M. Scharf, President
The Sanskrit Library
scharf at sanskritlibrary.org

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