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Curious, I was just reading that Abel-Rémusat (1788--1832) secured the
first chair in Chinese at the Collège de France, also in 1815;
enviable time.

Best, Richard

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Dear colleagues,
I just noticed a typo in my post. Please correct it: Chézy’s chair in
Collège de France was created in 1815.

My very best,



> Le 25 juin 2021 à 23:52, Rosane Rocher via INDOLOGY
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> Dear colleagues, 
> It strikes me that I ought to have given some reason for my abrupt
> warning against the English translation of Raymond Schwab'sOriental
> Renaissance. Let me quote the introductory paragraph of the review I
> gave it back in 1988:
> "Scholars interested in the East-West intellectual encounter will
> welcome the publication of an English translation of Raymond
> Schwab's "La Renaissance Orientale", a book that, though 34 years
> old, has not been replaced. A look at the contents of this handsome
> volume reveals useful added features, such as an alphabetical and
> updated bibliography and a fuller and more readable index. A
> thorough perusal of the English translation, however, turns elation
> into disappointment. Not only was Schwab's difficult, poetic French
> occasionally beyond the powers of the translators, their lack of
> familiarity with Indian culture and Anglo-Indian history not
> infrequently led them astray."  
> Examples are given in the core of the review. The full text can be
> found in Orientalistische Literaturzeitung 86.4, 1988, coll.
> 471–473.  
> Rosane 
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