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Thank you.  Very impressive, including the use of the formatting aids.


   mūla (root-text): BOLD

   Names of authors and texts: RED

   Citations from other texts: BLUE

   Pūrvapakṣa and Uttarapakṣa: underlined

   Introductory comments that precede the mūla verses are given in italics.

Harry Spier

On Fri, Jun 18, 2021 at 2:37 PM Donald R Davis via INDOLOGY <
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> Dear Colleagues,
> I am pleased to inform you about a new repository of searchable electronic
> texts of Dharmaśāstra commentaries and digests, hosted at the University of
> Texas. During the pandemic, Patrick Olivelle has been hard at work
> transcribing several important texts (thousands of pages!), often comparing
> editions and providing text-critical notes. Although we intend to make
> these open texts (CC BY-SA) available later through a central repository
> such as GRETIL or SARIT, the proofreading process for texts of this size is
> time-consuming. Rather than wait, however, we wanted to share the initial
> transcriptions of six texts, portions of which have been checked. They are
> offered to the Indological community as Google docs which can be downloaded
> in various formats. That format may be slower to load, but it makes
> corrections by a group easy. In most cases, we have also been able to
> provide links to PDFs of standard editions of the same texts for easy
> cross-referencing. In any case, we hope the availability of these e-texts
> will facilitate future research on Dharmaśāstra.
> Please join me in a public expression of thanks to Patrick for his
> typically tireless scholarly efforts to make these texts available. All
> inquiries, suggestions, etc. should be sent to me, but users are warned
> that the texts are offered as-is and that we are making continuous updates
> to the files.
> http://sites.utexas.edu/sanskrit/resources/dharmasastra/
> Best,
> Don Davis
> Professor & Chair
> Department of Asian Studies
> University of Texas at Austin
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