[INDOLOGY] Presentation about the encoding of Indological texts in project DHARMA

Dániel Balogh danbalogh at gmail.com
Tue Jun 8 08:43:03 UTC 2021

Dear All,
with apologies for the self-promotion, I would like to call your attention
to an upcoming talk by Arlo Griffiths and myself. In the London Digital
Classicist <https://www.digitalclassicist.org/wip/wip2021.html> seminar
series we will be talking about how the DHARMA project is seeking to build
up a corpus of TEI (EpiDoc) encoded digital texts, mostly epigraphic, from
India and Southeast Asia. We will also discuss some difficulties and how we
are trying to refine and adapt existing standards to the needs of such an
The talk will be streamed live at this link:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzEQnrpRqp8  (where audience questions can
be asked via the chat feature).
The time is Friday, 11 June, at 5 PM UK time (18:00 Central European Time).
The recording will remain available for later viewing at the same link.
With best wishes to everyone,
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