[INDOLOGY] Two new podcast episodes from Sensing the Sacred

Finnian Moore-Gerety finnian_moore-gerety at brown.edu
Thu Jul 29 18:11:41 UTC 2021

Dear Indologists—

I’d like to draw your attention to two new episodes of Sensing the Sacred <https://anchor.fm/finnian-m-moore-gerety>, my podcast on South Asian religion, politics, and society from the Center for Contemporary South Asia <https://watson.brown.edu/southasia/news/podcasts> and the Watson Institute at Brown University. To listen, just click on any of the links above: you can play the episode of your choice directly, or navigate through the icons to your preferred podcast platform. 

Episode 5: Yoga and Meditation Studies with Karen O’Brien Kop (University of Roehampton) and Suzanne Newcombe (Open University)
Episode 6: Sanskrit, Indo-Muslim History, and Twitter with Audrey Truschke (Rutgers University, Newark)

An overview of Sensing the Sacred plus highlights of the interview with Prof. Truschke are also featured this week on Trending Globally <https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/hindu-nationalism-contested-histories-challenging-fascism/id1173544870?i=1000530302801>, a podcast on global politics from the Watson Institute. 

A big thank-you to the guests for sharing their research and to listeners for their ongoing interest in these interdisciplinary conversations.


Finnian M.M. Gerety
Visiting Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
[Affiliated] Faculty of Contemplative Studies and Center for Contemporary South Asia
Brown University
www.finniangerety.com <http://finniangerety.com/>

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