[INDOLOGY] MAHE-ICPR - International Seminar on Yoga an Art of Equanimity and Agency - 26 July 2021, 7PM (IST)

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Dear all,

Apologies for the cross-posting!

Greetings from the Department of Philosophy – Manipal!

We are delighted to share with you that we, at Manipal Academy of Higher
Education (MAHE) - Institution of Eminence, are organising an international
seminar series on ‘yogaḥ karmasu kauśalam – Yoga an art of equanimity and
agency’ with the financial support of the Indian Council of Philosophical
Research (ICPR), New Delhi.

We are happy to extend a cordial invitation to you all for the seminar
series, which is organised as a part of International Yoga Day 21. The
seminar is on ‘dharma-meghaḥ samādhiḥ - the moral rain cloud assessment’ by Dr
Shyam Ranganathan <https://profiles.laps.yorku.ca/profiles/shyamr/>,
Department of Philosophy, York University, Canada on Mon 26 Jul 2021
(Today) at 1900 IST. The event link is *http://bit.do/mahe_yoga2

*Abstract*: The topic will be the most important transformation detailed by
the Yoga Sūtra, but also the event most neglected in discussions on yoga:
dharma-meghaḥ samādhi. The reasons that explain the neglect of this key
concept also explain the neglect and malfeasance in the study of Yoga:
Western colonialism.

*Speaker*: Dr Shyam Ranganathan (MA South Asian Studies, MA and PhD
Philosophy) researcher, scholar, author and teacher of philosophy, and an
expert in the neglected traditions of Indian moral philosophy, which covers
practical questions of how to live, what to aim for, and what we should
value—including Yoga.  Dr Ranganathan is author, editor and translator of
over 50 peer-reviewed, scholarly works (including Ethics and the History of
Indian Philosophy MLBD 2008 and 2017; the Bloomsbury Research Handbook of
Indian Ethics 2017; and Hinduism: A Contemporary Philosophical
Investigation, Routledge 2018).  A specialist in translation, having
written his PhD dissertation on the topic of how we can understand texts
without projecting our beliefs onto them, Dr Ranganathan translated
Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtra (Penguin 2008).

This seminar is the second in the series, the earlier one on ‘Yoga
philosophy in Bhagavata’ by Dr Dhananjay Rao, Delhi -

The Department of Philosophy (DoP) is a constituent of the *Faculty of
Liberal Arts *at MAHE. It incorporates teaching and research activities in
the areas of Humanities and Social Sciences through academic programs,
projects, publications, and events. It is offering two postgraduate degree
and diploma programs in Indian philosophy and Sanskrit studies apart from
other courses in humanities at MAHE constituent units. The Department is
working with the University of Toronto, Canada on a collaborative research
project on Indian dialectics and argumentation funded by Shastri
Indo-Canadian Institute (SICI), New Delhi. It is also conducting research
on MAHE Mahabharata – computational analyses
<http://mahabharata.manipal.edu/> funded by MAHE.

Thank you.



Dr Arjuna S R

Assistant Professor

Department of Philosophy

Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Manipal

W: https://manipal.edu/philosophy.html

M: +91-8106783000
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