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Dear Paolo,

 yonitattva occurs in the 4 texts: tantrarājatantra, prāṇatoṣiṇī,
śaktisaṁgamatantra tārākhanda, śāktānandataraṇginī .

1)If you go to the searchable etantric etext library of Muktabodha at:

2)n the search for: field at the upper left of the page, type in <yonittv>
. Type it in exactly as I've written including  the angle brackets and
without the final a. Thats so you get all occurances whatever the case
ending. The angle brackets are also important .

3) click on the Search for words in etexts button

The four occurances of yonitattva will then appear in the upper panel.

4) If you then click on a occurance of yonitattva in the upper panel, the
text will then open at that line in the lower panel.

Harry Spier

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> Dear Indologists.
> Does anyone bump into the term *yonitattva *in any written source (with
> the exclusion of the *Yonitantra*)?
> Best,
> Paolo
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