[INDOLOGY] Looking for a PDF about a dissertation about the Mugdhabodha and Harināmāmṛtavyākaraṇa

Blinderman, Radha rblinderman at g.harvard.edu
Tue Jul 20 09:37:39 UTC 2021

Dear All,

I am looking for a PDF of the following dissertation written in Sanskrit
about the *Harināmāmṛtavyākaraṇa *and the *Mugdhabodhavyākaraṇa*:

हरिनामामृत-व्याकरणयोः, बोपदेव-जीवगोस्वामी कृत मुग्धबोध-, तुलनात्मकम्
अध्ययनम्. (एस). � महापात्र, हरे कृष्ण *** दिल्ली (रा.संस्कृ.सं.){जयपुर परिसर
}, 1992, वि. वारिधि.

I found the mention of this dissertation at the following link: हंस
Unfortunately, I was not able to find it on the ProQuest website. I would
very much appreciate it if you could share the dissertation if you have
access to it or advise me where I can find it.


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