[INDOLOGY] Sad demise of Prof.Venkataraja Sharma, Tiruvananthapuram

Veeranarayanacharya Pandurangi dharmayuddha2017 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 15 06:21:22 UTC 2021

With deep sorrow, we inform the sad demise of Prof.Venkataraja Sarma, who
was principal of Tiruvananthapuram samskrit college and worked as principal
researcher of पाणिनीयोदाहरणकोश and other works published by Ecole Francais
de extreme orient in Pondicherry.
 He was an authority on the Vykarana. He recieved Rashtrapati award and
other titles like Mahamahopadhyaya etc.
I had fortune of working with him in Pondicherry for many years though I
had nothing to do with Vyakarana.
Some of his publications can be viewed here.

I am informed by Dr. SAS Sharma from Pondicherry.

He was 91yrs old.
Mem.No.10005,IRA67,Viswambharan Rd., Pappanamcode,today.Cremation today 9pm
at Muktikavadam. Details at 9495229635-MTBS

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