[INDOLOGY] Question about the Meeting of Jīva Gosvāmin and Mīrābāī

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Dear Radha,

The episode is mentioned by Priyadas (himself a Gaudiya) in his commentary
(the *Bhaktirasabodhinī*, 1712 CE) on the *Bhaktamāl  *(ca. 1600) of
Nabhadas (Ramanandi). The modern commentator, Rupkala, gives further detail
about the episode in his edition of the *Bhaktamāl *(which includes
Priyadas's commentary). I will send a pdf of the section of the text on
Mirabai, which includes the relevant episodes.

I'd like to acknowledge John S. Hawley, who introduced me to this part of
the text years ago (he also created the pdf), and point out that James
Hare's unpublished dissertation on the *Bhaktamāl *and *Bhaktirasabodhinī* is
still the best scholarly source on these works.

Tyler Williams
University of Chicago

On Fri, Jul 2, 2021 at 7:46 AM Blinderman, Radha <rblinderman at g.harvard.edu>

> Dear Scholars,
> I have a question about the story about the meeting of Jīva Gosvāmin and
> Mīrābāī which supposedly happened when she first came to Vrindavan–it is
> widely known in the Gauḍīya Vaiṣṇava tradition, but I only heard it
> transmitted viva voce and never came across any written sources for this
> story. If anyone knows of a text that mentions it or is likely to mention
> it, please do let me know.
> आदरपूर्वकं भवदीया,
> राधिका
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