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I found this thread very interesting. I am sure there is material here for a fairly large-scale comparative research (and a nice conference), because data such as those offered by Madhav from Marathi are certainly far from common knowledge among Indologists, and the fact that character-component-naming is a pronounced feature of the way Indic writing has been received and transmitted in Southeast Asia is probably unknown to most members of this list, while it may be of interest to some of them. Giving some examples just for island Southeast Asia:

  *   see all the names for vowel markers in the final column of the final table at <>
  *   see the names for various markers mentioned at <>

Speaking of Batak script, if any insightful colleague is able to help me grasp what might be systemic rationale behind the (to me extremely surprising) manner in which virāma (Batak: pangolat) interacts with vowel markers in transcribing closed syllables such as tep, top, tip, illustrated in the section 'Diacritic reordering for closed syllables' on that Wikipedia page, I shall be extremely grateful. I have been pondering it for a few years now and haven't gotten anywhere.

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Dear Matthew,

I believe that the short answer is that there is still no in-depth study of the terminology you mention which is based on sources that precedes the introduction of print. I am working precisely on a study of Sanskrit terminology in early print and if you want, I can tell you more off list. (Incidentally, I would consider rephā as a term rather defining the sound and only by extension used to define the written sign for ra.)

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