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Dear Matthew,

More information on the names of Devanagari penstrokes in:


Dick Plukker

Op 26-1-2021 om 15:14 schreef Matthew Kapstein via INDOLOGY:
> Dear friends,
> Is there a system of proper terms used for the penstrokes of devanāgarī
> or other Indic scripts?
> In particular, is there a standard term for the horizontal 
> overbar/overline/headline used in written and printed devanāgarī? We 
> sometimes see daṇḍa  not only for the punctuation mark, but for the 
> right-hand vertical bar in kha, ga and other letters. And some 
> ligatures do have distinct names that are well known, e.g. repha.
> Modern Hindi work on typography does sometimes have śirorekhā
> for the headline, but I suspect that this is a recent calque from 
> English and not a traditional scribal term.
> However, I am uncertain about it and wish to verify the traditional 
> usage.
> any light will be appreciated,
> Matthew
> Matthew Kapstein
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