[INDOLOGY] Diacritics on MacOS (with Italian keyboard)

Marco Franceschini marco.franceschini3 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 20:56:18 UTC 2021

Dear friends and colleagues,

I have prepared two keyboard layouts for Italian keyboards in Mac OS (10.4 and later): “ITA diacritici” and “ITAdia+”.

“ITA diacritici” is a keyboard layout designed for typing all the (latin) base characters with diacritics used for the transliteration of Indic, Arabic and Perso-Arabic scripts together with text in Italian (or English etc.). Its main features are:
– diacritics are produced by means of “dead keys” (21 of them are available!);
– up to four diacritics can be added to a single base character;
– diacritics can be typed in whatever order (but the base character must be typed last).

“ITAdia+” is especially thought for typing in IAST quickly. Basically, it works on two levels:
1) Caps Lock off: it works the same as “ITA diacritici”;
2) Caps Lock on: a special scheme is activated which allows you to type trasliterated Sanskrit (IAST) and/or Tamil texts fast, since no combined key-strokes are required (i.e. you never have to press more then one key at a time).

Both the keyboard layouts are licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC 4.0 (Attribution-NonCommercial) and can be freely dowloaded from the website of the "Associazione italiana studi sanscriti” (Italian Association for Sanskrit Studies): http://www.associazioneitalianadistudisanscriti.org/risorse/page/3/ <http://www.associazioneitalianadistudisanscriti.org/risorse/page/3/>

Feedbacks (to be sent to me: marco.franceschini3 at unibo.it <mailto:marco.franceschini3 at unibo.it>) will be extremely appreciated.

Best wishes,


Marco Franceschini
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University of Bologna
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