Re: [INDOLOGY] PDF of Liebich: Einführung indische einheimische Sprachwissenschaft?

Antonia Ruppel rhododaktylos at
Sun Jan 10 17:35:03 UTC 2021

The thankest of thanks go to Victor D'Avella for not only replying to my
email with the pdf I needed, but doing so more or less instantaneously!

All the best,

On Sun, 10 Jan 2021 at 18:25, Antonia Ruppel <rhododaktylos at>

> Dear all,
> Would any of you happen to have a pdf of the following?
> Bruno Liebich (1919) Zur Einführung in die indische einheimische
> Sprachwissenschaft. Vol. II: Historische Einführung und Dhātupāṭha.
> (which appeared as part of the Sitzungsberichte der Heidelberger Akademie
> der Wissenschaften (Philosophisch-historische Klasse).)
> As far as I can tell, only has Vols I and IV; and the Hathi
> Trust supposedly grants access via Harvard, but not to the extent that I
> can see actual pages.
> Many thanks, as always,
>     Antonia

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