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I suppose that your query has long since been answered privately, but we
cannot know for sure. There is a statement in some of these volumes that
the whole series (Ancient Indian Tradition and Mythology) is translated
from the Venkatesvara Steam Press editions, which in this statement are
termed the vulgate. As is well known, the Venkatesvara editions were in
most cases simply printed versions of a particular manuscript of that
purana, correcting only obvious scribal errors, since the purpose was to
make the puranas available on print. Of the ones you mentioned, I have seen
that the Vayu is in fact translated from the Venkatesvara edition, and a
spot check of the Linga also indicates the same. So I assume that the
others are, too. However, the Skanda translation is a reprint of an earlier
translation published starting in 1950, rather than being newly translated
for the series. So I do not know what edition that translation was based

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> Dear indologists,
> anyone can help me to identify on which published edition or manuscript
> are based the following translations:
> Shastri, Jagdish L., ed., 1981. *The Kūrma-Purāṇa. *vol. 1 of 2. Delhi:
> Motilal Banarsidass*.*
> Shastri, Jagdish L., ed., 1985. *The Brahmāpurāṇa. Translated and
> Annotated by a Board of Scholars*. vol. 1 of 4. Delhi: Motilal
> Banarsidass.
> Shastri, Jagdish L., ed., 1998. *The Liṅgapurāṇa*. *Translated by a Board
> of Scholars*. vol. 2 of 2. Delhi/Patna/Varanasi: Motilal Banarsidass.
> Tagare, Ganesh V., ed., 1992. *The Skandapurāṇa*. *Translated and
> Annotated*. Vol. 1 of 23. New Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass.
> Tagare, Ganesh V. ed., 1987. *Vāyupurāṇa:* *Translated and Annotated*.
> Vol. 1 of 2. Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass.
> Best wishes,
> Paolo
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