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The text of the Sabhika-Parivarta edited by Tilak Raj Chopra is available


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> Esteemd scholars,
> Might anyone on this list possess a soft copy of the following and be
> wiling to share it with me privately?
> Tilak Raj Chopra (Bonn). "BHS triyantara and Hindi teṃtara. Notes on a
> folk-belief in the Mahāvastu and some other Buddhist Sanskrit texts.” In *Frank-Richard
> Hamm Memorial Volume*. Edited by Helmut Eimer (IeT, 21). Bonn: Indica et
> Tibetica Verlag, 1990, pp. 19–47.
> I’m aware that the volume is still in print. But I have no access to a
> library and I need the article or, in particular, the 'Supplement: Text
> of the Sabhika-Parivarta, edited for the First Time from Manuscripts’, relatively
> quickly for a research project. Ordering the book and waiting for it to be
> delivered would take too long...
> Many thanks!
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