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Dear All,
In my updated vimeo channel description on Vedic Ritual I have added links
to the great vimeo films of Finnian and to the links to Borayin's online
foto's and video which he mentions on p. 230 of his recent book Embodying
the Vedas. You are invited to share either your links or your relevant
film-material on "Vedic fieldwork" for mention or publication on this
channel together with a brief description and proper acknowledgements etc.
In the category "study of the Veda" I hope to add soon a brief clip of the
practice of students of the AV Paippalaada-samhita (no trace of any
original accent but light "sing-song" style).
Archiving such material is important because much precious material that
even not so long ago existed seems irretrievably lost.
Durgamohan Bhattacharya recorded Paippalaada recitation in the 1950s but
gave the recordings perhaps to the All India Radio, probably impossible to
find back.
The short popularizing film of ca. 1 hour by Frits Staal and Robert Gardner
is well known and available, but the numerous hours of detailed filming of
each day of the 1975 Agnicayana performance should also be made accessible
somewhere. When I viewed selected sections in Leiden in the late 1990s
these films which were originally in color had already become almost
entirely black and white!
Jan Houben
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Updated Channel Description:
The scientific study of Vedic ritual requires the analysis of ancient
ritual manuals, Vedic hymns and verses, and familiarity with traditional
and modern interpretative theories. The study of actual performances of the
ancient rituals is indispensable. The channel *welcomes submissions* that
contribute to understanding the structure and morphology of Vedic ritual in
synchronic and diachronic perspective, esp. with regard to memory culture,
natural and social environment, etc. ...
Links to selected Vedic films and photos elsewhere on the internet:
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Finnian Moore-Gerety:
Great Vimeo films (mostly) on Vedic ritual performance and study in Kerala
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Borayin M. Larios
   Images of Vedic schools by Borayin M. Larios:
   Short film by Borayin M. Larios, "Embodying the Vedas -- A day at the
Sri Krsnayajurveda Pathasala":
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