[INDOLOGY] Re: Request pdf, film Vājapeya 1955, Poona

Jan E.M. Houben jemhouben at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 11:13:24 UTC 2021

Dear Natalia,
Thanks / Spasibo !
I figured that Скачать must mean Download and it worked out well.
In this brochure I could not find any hint about one important aspect of
this 1955 performance: that it was filmed!
At that time this was an enormous undertaking, with separate instruments
for recording image and sound.
I read or saw on some picture that van Buitenen had mobilized a whole team
and some scaffolding for the filming and separate sound recording of this
event, so it is hard to believe that the Samiti was not aware of this.
Hence in van Buitenen's film, which *does* mention the
Vaajapeya Anu.s.thaana Samiti, one of the acknowledgements -- a little
difficult to read -- states:
"Assembled by: Stichting Film en Wetenschap, Universitaire Film, Utrecht"
This Dutch Stichting Film en Wetenschap was just established in 1955, and
continues at present under the name Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en
Due to the poor quality of this historic recording it is difficult to
recognise persons and faces, but at 07 min 31 seconds it is unmistakably
Prof. R.N. Dandekar who appears, walking next to the procession of the
yajamaana and patnii and his fires from his home to the sacrificial area
prepared at the SP College ground. Madhav, do you recognize any other
persons in the film?
Best regards to all,
Jan Houben

On Mon, 15 Feb 2021 at 11:46, NK <natankor at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear colleagues,
> Prof. Madhav Deshpande posted a link for a wonderful copy of the Vajapeya
> booklet 1955 (see another thread).
> if someone is interested in a light searchable B/W pdf of it, please, get
> it here:
> https://disk.yandex.ru/i/diM7CJRZQzzHOw
> With great respect and best wishes
> Cordially Yours
> Natalia
> сб, 13 февр. 2021 г. в 18:47, NK <natankor at gmail.com>:
>> Dear colleagues,
>> Would anyone happen to have Vājapeya 1955 Performance Committee manual:
>> *The Śrauta Ritual and the Vājapeya Sacrifice*. Poona: Vājapeya
>> Performance Committee, 1955 .
>> And the film by Dr J.A.B. van Buitenen of the Vājapeya in Poona and
>> 13-page unpublished  typescript "*Vajapeya: English commentary*"
>> (1956)  accompanying the film.
>> With thanks and best wishes,
>> Yours,
>> Natalia Korneeva
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