[INDOLOGY] Pramāṇavārttikam, Svārthānumāna chapter, Gnoli edition

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Dear David,

Please have a look at p. 185 of Gnoli's edition, where the MS B's reading is reported (MS A was not available for this passage). Pp. 177-187 contain "additional notes" of textual criticism. Most of them were compiled by Muni Jambuvijayaji, as Raniero Gnoli himself explains in pp. xxx-xxxi of his introduction.

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A request and a question. I have the physical book, but need either an electronic version or another hard copy for some friends. If someone has already scanned it, that would save me the time to scan my copy. Thanks.

Gnoli's edition (1960) seems to be highly regarded, and would be superior to Malvaniya's nearly contemporaneous edition (1959), because Gnoli had an additional manuscript to use, and also compared the Tibetan translation. I have not noticed any critical review of Gnoli's edition that might offer some corrections to it.

By chance I checked verse 254 and noticed that in 254c the word "hi" in Gnoli's edition is "syāt" in other editions, including Malvaniya's (verse 258a in this edition). The manuscript that Malvaniya used is one of the two manuscripts that Gnoli used. Yet, there is no mention of this as a variant reading in Gnoli's edition. I wonder why.

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David Reigle
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