[INDOLOGY] 27 new tantric etexts added to the Muktabodha digital library

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Mon Aug 30 18:51:06 UTC 2021

 Dear list members,

I am pleased to announce on behalf of the Muktabodha Indological Research

* 1) 27 new etexts have been added to the searchable e-text library of
(See details in this email below with brief descriptions of the contents by
Mark S.G. Dyczkowski).

* 2) New features have been added to the searchable e-text library*
a) All texts are now viewable and downloadable as text files in unicode
b) Because the library has a large number of paddhatis, a  new subject
category of "paddhati" has been added to aid users in locating these when
they list the texts by subject category.

The digital library can be reached from either the Muktabodha website
www.muktabodha.org or directly from:

*3) The newly added etexts are:*

1) ācārasāratantra NGMCP manuscript no: 3-325 Reel No. B 116/8
a) 4 chapters of the haṭhapradīpikā by svātmārāma
b) The ācārasāratantra which teaches a form of extreme kaulism called
cinācāra .
c) A tract called samayācāra of almost three hundred verses which outline
the worship of the goddess samayā .
d) A hymn to a goblet of wine used in this Kaula ritual.
e) ulūkakalpa - This teaches various magical acts making use of the body
parts of crows

2) The ajaḍapramatṛsiddhi by Utpaladeva with a vṛtti by Haribhaṭṭa Śāstrī
from volume 34 of the KSTS series

3) akulāgamatantra NGMCP manuscript no: 1-9 Reel No. B 115/6 T
his is wrongly catalogued as the akulāgamatantra. This short tantra is
actually called the yogasārasamuccaya and considers itself to be an
akulāgama. This tantra deals with yoga and is largely concerned with the
movement of the breath and the breaking through of the inner fetters that
bind the Yogi.

4) amṛteśatantram NGMCP manuscript no. pra - 285 Reel No: B25/4
amṛteśvara is another name for mṛtyunjaya , a popular Bhairava who is still
extensively worshipped throughout the subcontinent.

5) vāruṇapaddhatiḥ from IFP transcript no: T00055
Also called ātmārthapūjāpadddhatiḥ. This is one of the most detailed but
concise works on siddhānta ritual and practice. Composed by varuṇaśivācārya
from the major śaivasiddhāntāgamas.

6) bhairavastava also called śivastuti by abhinavagupta taken from the
final appendix of the nityakarmavidhiḥ published in 1917 .

7) candrāvalokanam IFP transcript no: T00788
A short tract on yoga as taught by maheśvara to matsyendranātha.

8) devipūjā published in Mumbai 1927.
Contains: durgāpūjā, mahārājñīstava, śrīmada 'lakṣyeśvarīparaparyāyasāhi
bhadararūpabhavānīvākyamañjarī, and sarasvatīstuti

9) gaṇakārikā with commentary ratnaṭīkā by bhāvasarvajña published Baroda,
Presents the main features of paśupata yoga.

10) gaurikāñcalikātantram by mantramahādeva published Calcuta, 1921
This belongs to a class of tantras, concerned with potions and spells to
cure illness.

11) kālāgnijajñavidhi NGMCP ms no: 1696/2203 reel no: B 178/36

12) kalaśārcanavidhi of siddhalakṣmīdevī NGMCP ms. no: 159, reel no: A

13) kriyoḍḍīśamahātantrarājaḥ printed by caukhambā kṛṣṇadāsa akādamī 1954
A trantra concerning magic rites and mantras used to control others, and
conversly, ways of protecting oneself from them.

14) kulānanda(tantram) from "Kaulajñānanirṇaya and some minor texts of the
school of Matsyendranatha" Calcutta 1934

15) liṅgārcanatantram IFP transcript T00937
A tantra dealing with the worship of the liṅga.

16) madhyapīṭhapūjāvidhi NGMCP ms. no: 1062, reel no: A 245/10

17) mahāguhyakālīvidhānam NGMCP ms no: 2048, reel no: B 139/3

18) mahālakṣmīdīpadāna vidhiḥ NGMCP ms. no: 1571, reel no: A 246/2

19) majālakṣmīpūjā vidhiḥ NGMCP ms. no: 1696/2310, reel no: B 375/47

20) mahāyāgakrama by bhāskararāya published by Asthana Vidwan K. P.
Narayana Sastry, 1946
Concerns the liturgical application of the teachings of the bhāvanopaniṣad
. Though presented as an upaniṣad, is in fact a Kaula text of the śrīvidyā
school. The liturgy is the worship of the goddess tripurasundarī and her
attendants as deployed in the śrīcakra.

21) mahālakṣmīpūjāviddhiḥ NGMCP ms. no: 2690, reel no: 154/10

22) mṛtyuñjayakalpa NGMCP ms. no: 4-286, reel no: A 172/6

23) siddhilakṣmīdevyārcana NGMCP ms. no: 1373, reel no: v 199/13

24) siddhilakṣmīkoṭyāhutidinakṛtya NGMCP ms. no: 1365, reel no: A 250/1

25) siddhilakṣmīyutākṣaramālāmamantra NGMCP ms. no: 1397, reel no: v 199/90

26) siddhilakṣmī ārāmika NGMCP ms. no: 1399, reel no: v 199/9

27) ugracaṇḍāpūjāpaddhati NGMCP ms. no: 1696/979, reel no: B 177/22

Thank you,

Harry Spier
on behalf of the Muktabodha Indological Research Institute
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