[INDOLOGY] Request for some articles

Shihong Zhao zhaoshihong11126 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 24 02:40:19 UTC 2021

Dear list members,

I am writing to ask for the help of anyone who may have scanned the
following articles. Any useful scan, photograph or pdf file sharing would
be appreciated.

Parthasarathy Rao, G. Punaruktavadābhāsa: its implications. *Vishveshvaranand
Indological Journal*, Vol. 14, pp. 72-75, 1976.

Ibid. Is saṃsṛṣṭi a separate figure?  *The Journal of the Ganganatha Jha
Research Institute*, Vol. 33, pp. 43-54, 1977.

Nagar, M. L. Alaṅkāraratnākara and Vikramāṅkadevacarita. *The Mysore
Orientalist*, Vol. 12, pp. 38-44, 1979.

Panjaka, R. P. Some alaṅkāras originally discussed by Śobhākaramitra (based
on Bhedābhedapradhānasādharmyagamyaupamya). In: *Encyclopaedia of Indian
wisdom: Prof. Satya Vrat Shastri felicitation volume*, Vol. 1, pp. 678-683,

Shihong Zhao, PhD Candidate
Department of Indological Studies
Graduate School of Letters
Kyoto University
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