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Dear Palaniappan,

Apart from the Harivaṃśa, the Southern recension of the Mahābhārata and many
purāṇas relate the story of Bāṇāsura. The Mahābhārata
(2.35.29.d*21.1448–1534), the Bhāgavata– (10.62.1–63.53), the Brahma–
(205.9–206.50), and the Viṣṇu–purāṇa (5.32.6–33.50) share more or less the
similar storyline with the Harivaṃśa, while the version of the Kūrma–purāṇa
(1.17.1–7) differs a bit more from the others. Bāṇa also appears in the
Kālikā–purāṇa, in the story of Naraka. In this purāṇa, it is he, who taught
the worship of Śiva to Naraka (Kālikā–purāṇa 39.1–8).

In connection with Bāṇa’s dance, I offer to read Phyllis Granoff’s article,
entitled Mahākāla’s Journey: From Gaṇa to God.


Kind regards,

Péter Száler

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> Dear Palaniappan,
> Harivamsha chapters 106--113 (critical edition) narrates the story of
> Krishna's family's conflict with Bana. At the end of chapter 112 Bana, his
> extra arms having been severed by Krishna's discus, dances at Nandin's
> instigation in order to receive successive boons from Shiva. The critical
> apparatus is particularly rich in these chapters, so it is worth looking to
> see whether any more dancing is mentioned there.
> All the best, from Simon Brodbeck.
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> Dear Indologists,
> In the Cilappatikāram, the Tamil epic often dated ca. 5th century CE, the
> courtesan Mātavi performs 11 dances possibly based on puranic themes. Of
> these 11, four deal with dances performed by Kṛṣṇa, Viṣṇu, Indrāṇi, and
> Manmatha as part of their conflict with Bāṇāsura. I would appreciate any
> references to the story of Bāṇa in Sanskrit sources. Do these Sanskrit
> sources mention any such dances?   Also, how does the Sanskrit tradition
> explain the kingship of Bāṇa in light of Vāmana sending Bali to the
> netherworld?
> Thank you in advance.
> Regards,
> Palaniappan
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