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Dear Professor Tieken,

It would help if we look at the usage of the following words in Old Tamil [I don’t know exactly how old they are] texts:

சம்பு, சம்பாபதி, சம்புத்தீவு, நாவல், நாவலந்தீவு … 

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> in a contribution by Gokul Sashadri in Kulke et al, Nagapattinam to Suvarnadwipa. Delhi: Manohar, p. 107, I came across a reference to Jambudvīpa in a late (seventeenth century) Pāli text, namely the Gandhavaṃsa, in which Jambudvīpa would be used to refer to peninsular India. I am interested to know if this interpretation is correct for the Gandhavaṃsa and if we have to do with an old (how old?) use of the word.
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