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I already made it clear that the basis of division is not the location or
place of origin of the scholar. All vasudhaa during that categorization is
a single kutumba .

Human products of culture having a culture-insider's perspective and
culture outsider's perspective is an established professional understanding
in the contemporary studies of culture world over.

Labels like Euro-centric , Orientalist etc. to refer to biases in observing
, analysing , interpreting and representing cultures were all part of
professional contemporary international academics only. All these
categories of biases have inherent basis of culture-outsider's perspective
only. They were not specifically created for the context of Indology.

Studies of culture in disciplines like Cultural Anthropology had to move
towards Cultural Relativism etc., methodologies had to move towards
pParticipant-Observation etc., to avoid these realized biases only. That is
what helped researchers and scholars in these fields to move from calling
the cultural practices of their focus 'superstitions' to a stage of making
sense of the culture-insider's sense.

In all these endeavours of identifying and overcoming biases , nija of the
studied culture and para of the studied culture , nija-perspective of the
studied culture and para-perspective of the studied culture were required
to be recognized and analysed for a more and more tatastha , nirmama
understanding of the adhyeyya.

In Vaada nijapaksha and parapaksha do not get effected by udaaracharita and
vice versa.

We can work for our national universities, national bodies and national
interests in a way very much compatible with our udaaracharita and viewing
vasudhaa as ekakutumba only.

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> ayaṃ nijaḥ paro veti gaṇanā laghucetasām |
> udāracaritānāṃ tu vasudhaiva kuṭumbakam ||
> 'Who is an insider and who an outside?' ask small-minded men.
> The whole world is one family for the noble-minded ones.
> No offence.
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> and 3. from inside and unsympathetic and 4. from outside and sympathetic.
> This is what I mean.  Getting these categories to do useful intellectual
> work is nearly impossible.
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