[INDOLOGY] an Austrian mystery

Patrick McAllister pma at rdorte.org
Tue Apr 20 14:09:41 UTC 2021

On Tue, Apr 20 2021, Matthew Kapstein via INDOLOGY wrote:

> Dear friends,
> Ole Holten Pind's work on Dignāga is listed on the website of the
> Press of the Austrian Academy:
> https://www.oeaw.ac.at/en/ikga/publikationen/reihen/beitraege-zur-kultur-und-geistesgeschichte-asiens-bkga/dignagas-philosophy-of-language
> However, when one tries to "order online" the link does not work. And
> to search from the Academy's homepage https://verlag.oeaw.ac.at/ is
> similarly fruitless.
> Does anyone have any ideas about whether the book really exists and,
>if so, how it can be ordered?

The book certainly exists!  A (currently) working URL for it is this:


You should be able to download at least parts of it there.
Unfortunately, the link “Order Print Edition” isn’t working there
either.  Perhaps it would be best to contact the publisher directly, at
mailto:verlag at oeaw.ac.at ; I’m sure they will be happy to provide a

With best wishes,

Patrick McAllister
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