[INDOLOGY] easy online use of Sanskrit Sandhi and Compound Splitter

Tyler Neill tyler.g.neill at gmail.com
Mon Apr 5 16:47:48 UTC 2021

Dear all,

Good news: Now you can more easily take advantage of the Sanskrit Sandhi
and Compound Splitter by Oliver Hellwig and Sebastian Nehrdich (see 2018
paper and code here

Just go to skrutable.pythonanywhere.com, enter (e.g. copy and paste) some
Sanskrit text into the upper box, check the transliteration settings, and
hit the button "Split Sandhi & Cpds" (i.e., “compounds”). After a brief
wait, the output appears in the lower box, with new spaces in place of both
dissolved inter-word and intra-compound sandhi. Punctuation is (mostly)
preserved, and you (mostly) don't need to worry about length limits.
There's also a whole-file option which is relatively fast.

To clarify, whereas Skrutable's transliteration and meter tools, available
via the same interface, are programmed by myself, I haven't changed or
improved the 2018 Splitter tool at all, but rather just facilitated access
to it with the authors' blessings. As they themselves point out, eventually
this Splitter tool should be improved and/or superseded, e.g. in order to
deal more robustly with various orthographies and genre-specific idioms,
and/or to distinguish between inter-word and intra-compound boundaries, but
for now, even with less-than-perfectly ideal output, it's still quite nice
to have on hand, as I think you'll now be able to agree.

Kudos and thanks again to Oliver and Sebastian for their great work. I'll
happily consider feedback on the interface in particular.

Kind regards,

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