[INDOLOGY] IASS Honorary Research Fellowship for 2021

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Dear Colleagues,
With apologies for cross-posting:

  The IASS (International Association of Sanskrit Studies) initiated  
this Fellowship in 2019 and it is a pleasure now to be be able to  
announce it again for next year, 2021.

  Any paying member of the IASS is eligible for the HRF, if the  
scholar has received a PhD in Sanskrit or allied studies in the last  
five years.

The HRF is for research work to be conducted in South Asia for a  
period of at least two weeks in any field related to Sanskrit and  
allied studies. /If travel in 2021 becomes impossible because of  
Covid-19, an alternative may be proposed, for example, an online  
conference with experts in India in the chosen field./

The Honorary Research Fellowship, valued at 1000 Euros, will be  
announced annually, providing the IASS budget is able to sustain the  

  The DEADLINE for the written project proposal is 31 DECEMBER 2020.  
Please submit proof of IASS membership for this year 2020: scan of  
email or receipt from the Treasurer of the IASS.

Please send all proposals and/or queries to Associate Professor  
McComas Taylor of the IASS:
McComas.Taylor at anu.edu.au

  See the details of the Award here:

  A reminder of the 2021 HRF will be sent by the end of November 2021.

  Thank you.
J. Soni
Secretary General of the IASS. The website of the IASS:  

  IASS Membership details are here:  
http://www.sanskritassociation.org/membership.php, including the  
membership form for downloading.

  Previous Winners of the HRF:

  2020: Dr Iris Iran Farkhondeh for her proposal on “The diachronic  
study of Sanskrit manuscripts in the Śāradā script”.

  2019:  Dr Lauren Bausch, Dharma Realm Buddhist University, for her  
proposal on the “Vedic philosophy of lan­guage according to the  
Brāhmaṇa texts”.

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