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wonderful news! Kudos to the Rochers!

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With apologies for cross listing, I want to share with you all a bit of good news in these dark times: the launch of a new book series funded by The Rosane and Ludo Rocher Foundation. Please note that we are casting the net very wide, and books in all fields of pre-modern South Asian studies are welcome. I give below the official description of the series.

Please spread the word.



The Ludo and Rosane Rocher Foundation is initiating a series titled “The Rocher Indology Series” to be published by Oxford University Press New York. Our intent is to publish first-rate and cutting-edge research in any area relating to the study of India's pre-modern past. We expect the volumes in the series to represent true advances in the field. The range of subjects will include textual studies, taking "text" to mean not just literary productions, but also inscriptions, archives, and documents in any form, including art and artifacts. They will also comprise archeology and music, and embrace understudied areas such as mathematics, astronomy, medicine, food sciences, and the natural sciences. Besides monographs, the series will include critical editions of unedited or inadequately edited pre-modern texts, translations of untranslated or inadequately translated pre-modern texts, and histories of the field of Indology and of its practitioners. We hope that the series will help grow the field not only in depth, but also in breadth and diversity. Through this publication series, the Foundation wishes to foster broad assessments of the state of Indological knowledge and prospects in the study of issues/periods/areas across multiple modes of documentation and perspectives.

Questions and proposals should be addressed to the Foundation’s General Editor, Dr. J. Patrick Olivelle jpo at austin.utexas.edu<mailto:jpo at austin.utexas.edu>

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