Re: [INDOLOGY] Mudrārākṣasa date?

Dániel Balogh danbalogh at
Wed Sep 23 06:32:44 UTC 2020

Dear Dominik, I was not fast enough to promote my own work, but I'm glad
others have suggested it. I of course see now that much of it is not as
good-quality as it could have been, but I still think there is a good case
for associating Viśākhadatta with Yaśodharman. That said, Avantivarman the
Maukhari still remains a likely candidate. And no worries about the accent
in my name; I myself normally just drop it when writing an email in English.
All the best,

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> Dániel Balogh, that should have been.  Pardon my hyper-accentization.
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