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In this lecture at Harvard University in 2016, Prof. Nayanjot Lahiri seems to support Rajan’s dates.





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Dear Herman,


Have you looked at the discussion of Tamil Brahmi inscriptions in K. Rajan’s “Early Writing System: A Journey from Graffiti to Brahmi”, Pandya Nadu Centre for Historical Research, Madurai, 2015? See pp. 404-405. Table 8.2 on p. 407 has six pot sherds with Tamil Brahmi dated between 4th to 6th century BCE.


Rajan states on p. 400, “The close observations of Damiḻi (Tamiḻ-Brāhmī) and Sri Lankan Brāhmī (Prakrit-Brāhmī) suggest they had close relations with each other in terms of paleography, probably due to geographical proximity, than the Aśokan-Brāhmī.”





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Dear List members,


In "Pasage to India? Anuradhapura and the Early Use of the Brahmi Script" (Cambridge Archaeological Journal 6/1 (1996), pp. 73-97) Coningham et al. conclude that the Brāhmī script was used on Sri Lanka by traders at least a century earlier than in "India" by Aśoka. His dating of the inscribed pottery shreds in question is based on the radiocarbon method. In fact, a large part of the article is dedicated to a discussion of this method. What I would like to know is if there has been a reaction to Coningham's conclusions. Salomon (1998) does not discuss them and von Hinüber (1990) and Falk (1993) could not.


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