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The query about Margaret Cone’s A Dictionary of Pāli prompts me to post details of some recent publications from the PTS.

Margaret Cone, A Dictionary of Pāli, part 3, p–bh (2020), viii, 683 pp. £55.00. ISBN 978 0 86013 529 2
Informed by the progress made in the study of Pali and Middle Indian over the last century since the publication of T.W. Rhys Davids and W. Stede's Pali-English Dictionary in the early 1920s, Part 3 of Margaret Cone's A Dictionary of Pāli represents a significant advance in Pali lexicography. Part 1 (a–kh) was published in 2001, part 2 (g–n) in 2010. The last part of the Dictionary, covering the letters m–h, is currently being prepared by Dr Martin Straube with the support of the PTS.

The Book of Pairs and its Commentary: A translation of the Yamaka and Yamakappakaraṇaṭṭhakathā, translated by C. M. M. Shaw and L. S. Cousins;  vol. 1 (2018), xvi, 411 pp. £35.50. ISBN 978 0 86013 513 5; vol. 2, (2020), vi, 456 pp. £35.50. ISBN 978 0 86013 528 9
The first two volumes of a three-volume English translation of the Yamaka (the sixth book of the Abhidhamma Piṭaka) and its commentary. The third and final volume will be published in 2021. The translation has been prepared by Charles Shaw in collaboration with the late Lance Cousins, who has provided the translation of the commentary.

Thomas Oberlies, Pāli Grammar: the language of the canonical texts of Theravāda Buddhism, 2 vols. (2019), 1290 pp. £72.00. ISBN 978 0 86013 527 6
This grammar provides a detailed account of Pāli phonology and morphology as found in the Theravāda canonical texts. Drawing on 150 years of scholarship, it provides a complete overview of word-classes and word-forms; all grammatical forms attested in canonical Pāli have been recorded and explained by tracing them back to (Vedic) Sanskrit and providing references to comparable features in other Middle Indic languages.

Overcoming Doubts (Kaṅkhāvitaraṇī)ī, vol. I, The Bhikkhu-Pātimokkha Commentary, translated by K. R. Norman, Petra Kieffer-Pülz, and William Pruitt (2018), l, 628 pp. £45.50. ISBN 978 0 86013 520 9
This is the first translation from Pali into a European language of the commentary on the list of rules (Pātimokkha) for Buddhist monks (bhikkhu) and nuns (bhikkhunī) ascribed to Buddhaghosa by tradition. The first volume covers the commentary on the Bhikkhu-Pātimokkha. It comprises an introduction (discussing the text, author, date, sources, etc.), a fully annotated translation and a glossary of important terms.

Those who become ‘sponsoring' members of the Society (£25 for one year, £100 for five years) receive a 20% discount on all publications and can choose one free (and post-free) volume each year; ‘ordinary’ members (£12 for one year, £48 for five years) receive a 20% discount on publications but no free volume.

For details please visit http://www.palitext.com/ or contact the Pali Text Society <pts at palitext.com<mailto:pts at palitext.com>>.

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