[INDOLOGY] Random Weekend Scrapbook Request: WSC 10, 1997, in Bangalore

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Hi, John, I do remember the interview, now that you mention it.  I was
hustled over to a journalist with zero notice :-)

I don't have any record of any of that, I'm afraid.  However, the
Taralabalu Kendra might have something in their files.  Shivamurti Swamiji
<https://www.google.com/search?q=shivamurthy+swamiji>, who hosted the WSC,
is still the head of that place and he is available by email.


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> Greetings -
> Working on an archival project related to origins of computer/internet use
> with indology.  WSC 10 (Dominik, please see below) at Teralabalu Kendra was
> a sort of presentation to society for the computer scholarship world.
> The press took lots of pictures, there was an opening invocation ceremony
> (see image of program attached) from what I remember I think it was the
> 10am Inaugural at the Vidhana Soudha?  It was not in the main Kendra
> auditorium.
> An India paper had a front page with photo of the event (that one or
> another), it was an english language paper - liek India Herald Tribune, or
> such.  Does anyone have a scrap book copy of that photo/front page?  Cell
> picture, whatever is fine.
> Dominik - do you remember at that conference there was a TV interview they
> did with you and I in the main auditorium of Teralabalu Kendra? Do you have
> any info you can share with me offline, of course?
> Thanks very much in advance ... and I hope all are staying safe and
> healthy ...
> jr
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