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Dag Robert,
Congratulations on the achievement and thanks for sharing,

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> As of today, my new book A Manual of Modern Kannada has become available
> as an Open Access publication at
> https://crossasia-books.ub.uni-heidelberg.de/xasia/catalog/book/736 (The
> clickable button “Buch herunterladen” means “Download book”; “Buch kaufen”
> means “Buy book”.)
> Indologists on this list: please bear in mind that there is also a wealth
> of highly interesting secondary literature in Kannada on classical
> Indological matters… (this is a hint. Encouragement. Prodding). Kannada is
> a conservative language, which has remained largely unchanged for the past
> several centuries. Once one has learnt modern Kannada, it is not a big jump
> to Old Kannada (yes, it is a jump, but not gigantic).
> (Warning: now comes a shameless act of advertising –)
> This learner’s manual of standard modern written Kannada was written for
> use at the University of Munich and tested in teaching practice with
> students over the past few years, but it can also be used for
> self-learning. The focus is on the written language (which is the only
> truly sensible thing to do, as is explained on pp. x-xi), but there are
> occasional remarks about speech variations in regional and colloquial
> usage. The grammar is covered in 19 lessons, followed by appendices about
> the phonemic system and script, numerals, strong verbs, colloquialisms, and
> sandhi. Experience has shown that the material in the book can be studied
> in the classroom with 4 hours of weekly teaching very easily within an
> academic year (30 weeks of teaching), and a few times this was accomplished
> with a group of students within a single winter term.
> Robert Zydenbos
> --
> Prof. Dr. Robert J. Zydenbos / ಪ್ರೊ. ಡಾ. ರೊಬೆರ್ತ್ ಜೆಯ್ದೆನ್ಬೊಸ್
> Institute of Indology and Tibetology
> Department of Asian Studies
> Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (University of Munich – LMU)
> Germany
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