[INDOLOGY] HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS)

Christophe Vielle christophe.vielle at uclouvain.be
Thu Nov 26 09:31:30 UTC 2020

Dear List,

I should check the commentaries provided with the following 1999 edition of the Nalodaya:

This edition is now out of print.
It appears to exist in digital form with Hathitrus, with the urlt: https://hdl.handle.net/2027/mdp.39015043017915
but the pdf is not available.
However, the online catalogues (access via the Worldcat link given here before) of the USA libraries of Harvard, Columbia, NYPL, Cornell, UPenn, Virginia, Michigan, Chicago, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Washington, Texas, Berkeley, California, Hawaii,
let think that, through the "HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS)", the online item could be accessible, on the basis of these respective libraries login.

Would a scholar of these universities be kind enough to try to see if the item on HathiTrust is really available? (and, wonderfully, get the pdf if possible).

Thank you in advance,


Christophe Vielle <https://uclouvain.be/en/directories/christophe.vielle>

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