[INDOLOGY] A PhD thesis request

Gleb Sharygin gleb.sharygin at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 16:54:44 UTC 2020

Dear List members,

I am looking for an electronic copy of:
John C. Powers “The Ultimate (don dam pa, paramārtha) in the Sūtra
Explaining the Thought (Saṃdhinirmocana-sūtra): Study, Translation, and
Notes” (vols. 1-2), doctoral dissertation, University of Virginia (1991).

I wonder if anyone might have it and would be willing to share it with me?

I have access to later Powers' works on the *Saṃdhinirmocana*, but I
require that more academic version of the translation.

Kind regards,
Gleb Sharygin

PhD Candidate
LMU München

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