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Beate Guttandin beate.guttandin at uni-bonn.de
Mon Nov 23 14:29:15 UTC 2020

Dear managers of the Indology-list: Would it be possible to add this input to the next newsletter?
Thank you very much, Beate

Dear members of the Indology-List,


here is the announcement of my book with 8 modern Sanskrit-narratives with transliteration from devanāgarī and a translation into German with a short intro.

https://www.verlagdrkovac.de/978-3-339-11838-7.htm <https://www.verlagdrkovac.de/978-3-339-11838-7.htm>
I am also working on an English translation and would be happy to know about publishers in the United States who might be interested.

Colleagues, who might like to give me a comment or some remarks concerning this book are very welcome.

If some would like to write a review in some journal, the publisher will gladly send a book or an e-book on request.

I’d be very happy to know of those of you who work on modern Sanskrit literature so that we might find some possibilities to exchange information on that research field.


With kind regards

Beate Guttandin

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