[INDOLOGY] sources for the idea that reincarnation is a semi-random process?

Martin Gansten martingansten at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 20:02:52 UTC 2020

I was wondering whether to bring up Ian Stevenson (and his collaborators 
and successors, including Jim Tucker) and had decided not to, but now 
that his name has been mentioned, I feel it must be said in the interest 
of fairness that there is no consensus opinion that his work was flawed 
(and I personally consider it hugely impressive). But this is a very 
ideologized topic, as others have pointed out (/pace /Dominik). As 
philosopher Stephen Braude put it when describing his interest in 
so-called paranormal phenomena (a misnomer, in my view): /I had enough 
sense to put it all aside until I completed my Ph.D., landed a teaching 
job, did some respectable mainstream philosophy, and earned tenure. (I 
may be crazy, but I'm not stupid.)/

Although not relating to Indology, and only indirectly to reincarnation, 
the 800-page /Irreducible Mind/ (eds. Kelly & Kelly et al., 2008) may be 
found relevant by list members interested in the philosophical (and 
empirical) issues at stake here.

Best wishes,
Martin Gansten

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