[INDOLOGY] pdf requests

Alex Watson alex.watson at ashoka.edu.in
Tue Jun 9 02:55:22 UTC 2020

Dear List Members

Could anyone help with pdfs of these?
(I didn't find them on archive.org.)

1. "Jayanta on the Nature of Karma" by Sarbani Ganguli, Calcutta Review,
no. 2, pp. 115-121, 1967-77

2.   author    = {Pappu, S. S. Rama Rao},
  publisher = {Chanakya Publications},
  title     = {The Dimensions of Karma},
  year      = {1987}

3.   author    = {Bangalore Kuppuswamy},
  publisher = {South Asia Books},
  title     = {Dharma and Society: A Study in Social Values},
  year      = {1977}

4. Indian Philosophical Annual vol. 1, 1967.

Yours Alex

Alex Watson
Professor of Indian Philosophy
Ashoka University

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