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Dear Christophe

Have you found a way to order this work? I read that I may order it "by 
telefax", or from the publisher's website, but I haven't seen a fax 
machine in years and I can't find the book on the website of Éditions de 
Boccard ( 
or anywhere else online.

Greetings from a newly COVID-free New Zealand!


Christophe Vielle via INDOLOGY wrote on 4/06/20 3:54 AM:
> Dear List,
> I have the pleasure to inform you about the recent publication of 
> Pierre-Sylvain Filliozat's new book:
> /À l'origine des études sanskrites: La Grammatica Sanscritica de 
> Jean-François Pons S.J.. Étude, édition et traduction par 
> /Pierre-Sylvain Filliozat/, /Paris, Mémoires de l'Académie des 
> Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres vol. 56, 2020, 226 pp.
> Three Sanskrit grammars were composed by Jesuits in India during the 
> the 17th-18th centuries.
> The first one was written ca 1660-62 by Father Heinrich Roth (1620-68, 
> Agra), in Latin and Devanāgarī script for Sanskrit, based on Anubhūti 
> Svarūpācārya’s /Sārasvatavyākaraṇa/;//the facsimile of the autograph 
> manuscript was published in 1988 by A. Camps & J.-C. Muller: 
> (an edition is still expected).
> The second one, entitled /Grammatica Grandonica/, was composed by 
> Father Johann Ernst Hanxleden (1681-1732, Kerala), in Latin 
> and Malayalam script for Sanskrit, based on the /Siddhar//ūpa/ and (a 
> cursory reading of) Dharmakīrti's /R//ūpāvatār//a /(H's grammar was 
> later on plagiarized by Paulinus in his/Sidharubam/, 1790). The 
> edition of the autograph manuscript was made by T. Van Hal and myself 
> in 2013: urn:nbn:de:kobv:517-opus-63218 
> <>(an 
> additional French translation and grammatical commentary, nearly 
> completed, is due to appear).
> The third one, entitled /Grammatica Sanscritica/, now published, was 
> composed by Father Jean-François Pons (1698-1752,Chandernagor), in 
> 1730-32 for its first 5 chapters/first part based on Vopadeva’s 
> /Mugdhabodha/, in Latin and Bengali script (autograph ms.), and then 
> for its 6th chapter/last part (syntaxe) based on Kramadīśvara's 
> /Sa/ṃkṣiptas/āra/, in French and Roman transcription of the Sanskrit 
> (with some use of Telugu-Kannada script in the beginning; the 
> preserved ms. of this part is a copy) (P's grammar was later on used 
> by A.H. Anquetil Duperron, who translated the French part in Latin).
> Filliozat's achievement is remarkable. After a general introduction on 
> the 17th-18th centuries Jesuit missionary work on Indian languages and 
> civilization (pp. 9-24), a chapter is devoted to the figure of 
> Jean-François Pons (pp. 25-47), another to the edition of his letters 
> (pp. 49-80; of five, the last, longest one, on Brahmin knowledge had 
> been previously published as one of the /Lettres édifiantes/); there 
> follows the introduction to the manuscripts and the indigenous 
> grammatical sources of the author (pp. 81-95), then the annotated 
> edition of the two parts (with a French translation of the Latin text) 
> (pp. 97-197), and finally the color-facsimile of the two manuscripts 
> (pp. 199-282). A bibliography and index are given at the end. A few 
> extracts of the book are provided here:
> On the early history of Indology, note also the volume on
> /Le sanctuaire dévoilé: Antoine-Léonard Chézy et les débuts des études 
> sanskrites en Europe, 1800-1850/, éd. Jérôme Petit & Pascale 
> Rabault-Feuerhahn, Paris: BnF - Geuthner, 2019, 458 pp.
> <> 
> No ToC but see the programme of the 2015 Conference of which it is the 
> Proceedings + paper-abstracts here:
> Best wishes
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> Louvain-la-Neuve
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