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Bijlert, V.A. van v.a.van.bijlert at vu.nl
Fri Jul 31 16:22:54 UTC 2020

Dear list members,

Does anyone perhaps have a pdf of the following article by Karttunen:
Klaus Karttunen (ed.): History of Indological Studies Papers of the 12th World Sanskrit Conference held in Helsinki, Finland, 13 - 18, 2003; Motilal Banarasidass, Delhi, Vol. 11, 2, 2015, with a paper titled: How Sanskrit came to Sweden: The History of Swedish Indology until c. 1950. It should allegedly covers pages  79-110. But it seems nowhere to be found. Would anyone know which publication this is or where this paper was actually published?
Many thanks and warm regards

Victor van Bijlert
Faculty of Religion and Theology,
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

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