[INDOLOGY] Texts on War Ethics?

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Dear Nataliya,

Another interesting study on the topic might be Wu, Juan. 2015. "Comparing Buddhist and Jaina Attitudes towards Warfare: Some Notes on Stories of King Ajātaśatru's/Kūṇika's War against the Vṛjis and Related Material", ARIRIAB, Vol.18, pp. 95-112

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Dear Nataliya,

Please see the work of Torkel Brekke. You can see many of his extensive publications on the ethics of war at his academia page: https://independent.academia.edu/TorkelBrekke.

Best, Don

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Dear Nataliya,

You may have a look at

Violence Denied: Violence, Non-Violence and the Rationalization of Violence in South Asian Cultural History, eds.: J.E.M. Houben and K.R. van Kooij. Leiden: E.J. Brill, 1999.

Especially the chapters by L. Schmithausen (on Buddhist attitudes towards war) and D. Feller (on the Mahabharata war as a sacrifice) deal explicitly with ethical aspects of war.



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Dear All,

Could you please suggest any Sanskrit texts that specifically deal with war ethics? Apart from the Bhagavad Gita and the epics (the MBh, first of all), there are some bits and pieces in the Arthaśāstra and Dharmaśāstras that I know about.

Are there any "theoretical" works on war ethics? on laws of war and rules for warriors?

All suggestions would be very welcome.

Best wishes,



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