[INDOLOGY] Buddha's visit to Lanka

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Thanks to all for enlightening me on the topic.aw

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Perhaps equally relevant is the foundational idea that Buddhism was transmitted to the island by Mahinda, son of the emperor Asoka. Much has been written about this, some of it useful.
J Silk

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Dear Alakendu Das,

There is no "proof" of this, but it is certainly a very old and widespread tradition.

The important Mahāyāna scripture, the Laṅkāvatārasūtra, which dates in its present form to about the early fifth century C.E.,

is in part based on this tradition, for example, and therefore shows that it must have been current before this time.

Perhaps the rapid and successful implantation of Buddhism in Sri Lanka encouraged the development and acceptance of the legend.

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Respected Scholars,
I had posted this query in the past
.May I be excused to raise it once again , as I haven't got any answer to it.
I quote from "Dipavamsa" the oldest Pali Chronicle , from Sri Lanka,which goes as follows-

"DipAgamanam Buddhassa Dhatu ca Bodhiyagamam"
I would like to stress on the word"DipAgamanam Buddhassa"

My question is whether any evidence exists which goes on to prove that Siddharth Gautam Buddha  visited Sri Lanka?

Alakendu Das.

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