Re: [INDOLOGY] PDF of Emmerick''s “Indo-Iranian Concepts of Disease and Cure"

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I have the journal, and that issue (in my hand now).  So if nobody else has
a scan, I'll do it.

The JEAS is full of marvellous articles.  I wish it were all scanned and
available.  Perhaps I'll try to get it done.  The original publisher has
folded; some issues are held (owned? rights?) by the publisher Ute Hempen,
although they don't sell it or answer email.  Peter Das still produces
issues of its successor journal, Traditional South Asian Medicine.  See
Peter's note <> about these

Although TSAM is still an excellent read, it's very sporadic.  JEAS and
TSAM were/are both print-only.  Formerly print-only, IJHS
<> has gone online in
the last couple of years.  The centre of gravity for the timely publishing
of international research on the history of medicine in early India has
moved to eJIM <> and HSSA
<>, both of which are open-access and online.

Professor Dominik Wujastyk

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Department of History and Classics <>
University of Alberta, Canada

South Asia at the U of A:

On Sun, 19 Jan 2020 at 10:40, Timothy P. Lighthiser via INDOLOGY <
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> Hello!
> Does anyone happen to have a PDF of Emmerick's article (below) that they'd
> be willing to share with me and other list members (with whom I'd be happy
> to forward it to afterwards)?
> Thanks in advance!
> t
> “Indo-Iranian Concepts of Disease and Cure,” *Journal of the European
> Āyurvedic Society* 3, 1993c, pp. 72-93.
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