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Tue Jan 14 17:08:23 UTC 2020

Dear Colleagues,


I am happy to announce that An Introduction to Jain Philosophy by Parveen Jain is now available on Amazon or through the book’s website. Drawing on an extraordinary collection of writings and discourses by Ācārya Sushil Kumar and on the author’s own self-studies as a lifelong practitioner, the book distills the fundamental tenets of Jain philosophy for both academic and non-academic audiences. An Introduction to Jain Philosophy presents a great overview of what Jain thinkers have to say about the universal issues of the human condition — and how we might understand and enhance our relationship with other living beings as a powerful and effective spiritual journey. This would be a fantastic primary source for an upper level undergraduate course on Jainism or modern Indian philosophy and a nice addition to either your personal or institutional library.

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Book — Parveen Jain





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