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Thank you Dominik,

In light of your reply, I'm posting this which was sent to me off-list
I found the following entry in Böhtlingk's small Petersburg Dictionary:

"argalāstuti f. und argalāstotra n. Bez. eines dem Devīmāhātmya
vorangehenden und dasselbe verschliessenden Lobgesanges" (= Name of a
hymn of praise preceding the Devīmāhātmya and sealing the same).

As you know, argala means "bolt, latch".

Argala and kīlaka are synonymous, and from this entry in
Boethlink-Roth  it appears
that  the  argalāstotra has the same relationship to the  Devīmāhātmya
as a kīlaka
syllable to a stotra. the preamble of many stotras 6 items are
listed, one of which is  the kīlaka. syllable.  I.e. ṛṣi, chandas, devatā,
bija, śakti and kīlaka.

But for over 10 years I've been trying to find information on what exactly,
in the context of this kind of preamble of a stotra, is the meaning of the

a) Would it be possible for a french speaking indologist to translate the
entry for kīlaka (which I've attached) in the tantrikabhidanakosa.

b) Other than this entry in TAK does anyone know of any articles on  kīlaka
in this context.

Harry Spier

On Thu, Jan 9, 2020 at 2:53 PM Dominik Wujastyk <wujastyk at> wrote:

> I've always taken it to be a lock or bolt of protection, i.e., the stotra
> is a protective amulet.
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